The 'Naked Cowboy.' Will he be the Tea Party's First official Presidential Candidate?(SEE BELOW)

There Is No Such Thing as a "Tea Party".
It's Time for Them To Put Up, Or Shut Up
By Mike Allen

When Ralph Nader ran for President, he ran as a member of the "Green Party" an independent, duly registered, political party.

Ross Perot ran, officially on the ballot, as a third party independent.

R Lee Wrights ran on the Libertarian Ticket.

Robert Burck tried to run as a Tea Party Candidate...BUT THERE IS NO O0FFICIAL TEA PARTY. Burck, better known as the Naked Cowboy, initially announced his intentions to run for President on September 29, 2010 before formally declaring his candidacy at a press conference in New York City's Times Square on October 6, 2010 Burck proclaimed "I am not a Republican, I am not a Democrat, I am an American .....it is my goal and intention to lead the Tea Party to the office of the presidency."

And, over the years there have been many candidates for President, congress, the senate, state and local offices that have run as third party candidates, but


And NOW comes the Tea Party candidates, all over this nation, and while the Republican Party says a few bad things about them, albeit not much, they know that come 2012, all of these, 100% of them, so called Tea Partiers, will pull the Republican Lever

That being said, Republicans in congress, on the TV on the airwaves and in the blogosphere will continue to say almost nothing negative about the Tea Partiers. They know, that when the time comes, they can count on all of their votes.... there won't be one single vote for any Non Republican candidate, nationwide, from any American that identifies as a Tea Partier. 

What Democrats all across this nation need to do, and it needs to start now, is get the message out that if the Tea Party wants to continue to be called "The Tea Party" then they must run as Tea Party candidates in every state and, in every state they need to ensure that they appear on all ballots as the Tea Party candidate.

If Tea Party people, (The UNOFFICIAL Tea Party, of course) still want to vote Republican, they have that right, or if they want to vote for their Tea Party candidate who is on the ballot where it identifies him/her as a Tea arty candidate.

Its time for this Tea Party crap to be given a speeding ticket. If they want to be called TEA PARTY, then nation wide, and in each state of the union, REGISTER, PAY THE FEES, AND BECOME A REAL POLITICAL PARTY

Otherwise......GET LOST.

Congresswoman Michelle Bachman is the chairperson for the
United States Of America's House of Representatives Tea Party Caucus.
That is being done at the expense of the American Taxpayer.
If there is to be a "Tea Party Caucus" alongside the "Republican Caucus" and the "Democrat Caucus" then the Tea Party MUST register as an official Political Party of the United States and all of their candidates, local, state, federal must appear on
all election ballots in 2012 as Tea Party Candidates alongside the candidates
from the Democrat Party, Republican Party, Libertarian Party, and others

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